Bryne Carruthers

Bryne Carruthers

Full Stack Web Developer
I specialize in creating custom content management systems and e-commerce web apps for businesses and other organizations. My applications emphasize ease of use and security, for both the user and website owner. Want to know how I may help your project? Check out my website portfolio and online resume.
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What I do

I have more than 4 years of experience building personal and business websites for clients across Canada. Below is a quick overview of my main technical skill sets and technologies I use. Want to find out more about my experience? Check out my online resume and website portfolio.

Python & Django

Proficient in object-oriented and functional Python programming paradigms. Fluent in Django 4; also comfortable with data-science libraries (Pandas, Matplotlib, Sci-kit-learn).

ES6 JavaScript, Typescript, React & Node JS

Proficient in ES6 Javascript, Typescript, React & Node JS for creating single page applications and full stack applications.


Proficient in HTML 5 (including semantic markup and accessible web design) and CSS 3 (including responsive mobile-first design, flex-box, css grid & BEM).


Fluent in designing mobile-friendly responsive user interfaces using Bootstrap 5. Emphasis on creating clean, attractive and intuitive layouts.


Experienced at building fully-CRUD web applications with core PHP 8 (both procedural and object-oriented) using LAMP stack.

MySQL, PostgreSQL & SQLite

Proficient in native SQL (including at the command-line) and robust relational database design (including many-to-one and many-to-many relationships).

Docker, Git/Github & Github Actions

Containerization using Docker and Docker-Compose; Version control with Git/Github; Continuous Integration & Deployment using Github Actions.