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Bryne Carruthers

Full Stack Web Developer


I'm Bryne Carruthers and I've been making websites professionally since 1997. I started programming with BASIC on the Apple II at the age of 10 (and later QuickBASIC on the Mac and QBASIC for DOS). I taught myself the C programming language for the Macintosh and DOS at the age of 12. In the mid-90s I started out as a front-end web developer making static HTML/CSS websites (with a bit of Javascript) using Adobe Photoshop to create graphics and logos. Then I used WordPress as my main content management system for several years. Recently I decided to upgrade my programming skillset by learning Python (including the Django web framework), PHP, SQL, and Vue JS to become a full-stack developer.

Work Experiences

Freelance Web Developer

1997 - Present
  • Web developer and tech consultant, Jim Hands Auction (1997-present)
  • Web developer and administrative assistant, J-K Carruthers Limited (online publishing company) (1997-2012)

Music Educator

Canada Music Academy | 2013 - Present

Teaches in-person and online lessons for guitar, piano, drums, vocals, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, violin, audio recording & music production. Consistently has had the most students out of hundreds of teachers (in Toronto, Ottawa and Kingston) for over 7 years.

Sales Associate and Product Specialist

All You Need Music (music store) | 2017 - Present

Consistently highest sales of any employee and helped store meet or exceed monthly sales targets for two years.

iPad Music Creation/Music Production Workshop Facilitator

2013 - 2016

Taught 70+ workshops for over 1200 students, Grades 3-12 in southern Ontario public schools. Taught music composition using Garageband for iPad to students ages 8+ without requiring any knowledge of music theory or playing an instrument.

Recording Engineer & Studio Owner

Rasta Cat Productions | 1997 - Present

Collaborated with Grammy winning recording engineer Dave Darlington (from NYC) who said: “Your productions are as professional and artistic as any I’ve worked on.”

Composer For Outdoor Music Theatre Program

Parks Alberta | Spring/Summer 2005 - 2007; 2009

Composed and recorded 40 songs, heard by over 100,000 people.


Jim Hands Auction

Jim Hands Auction - A custom content management system web application for the family run business Jim Hands Auction, Established in 1938. Responsive/Mobile-Friendly, SEO, with A+ security rating on Mozilla Observatory.

Pasture Valley Marketplace

Pasture Valley Marketplace is an easy to use content management system and e-commerce web app that helps connect local producers to their customers. Dynamically generates content without knowing any HTML or CSS. Easily generates reports on revenue and inventory.

Digi Louvre

Digi Louvre is an easy-to-use web-based digital image content management system that allows artists and photographers to display their images and sell image prints online with PayPal or credit card (via Stripe).

Machine Learning Tool

Machine Learning Tool lets you train and test various supervised machine learning algorithms and visualize the accuracy (and r2 score) of their results. It allows you to adjust parameters that control the complexity of the algorithm model and save these results for future comparison. It also lets you upload and save your own custom datasets in CSV or Excel formats.


Spacetagram is an Instagram-style web application that searches (both randomly and by date) and displays images from NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day API. Made with Svelte JS (ES6 Javascript) and Django (Python).

Doggo Translate

Doggo Translate is a Doggolingo translation web app written in PHP with a MySQL database. Helps facilitate human-to-canine communication over the internet and beyond.